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Kathak dance class in Varanasi, India

Style: Kathak Dance | When: September 5-7, 2013  (Yes, it was a while back. Sorry for the delay!)  | Where: Varanasi, India | Format: private classes | Instructor: Madhu Last thing I did before leaving India was to take 3 classes of Kathak dance. My instructor, Madhu taught me some basic steps and a short combo called “Salaam”. A piece that was traditionally performed […]

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11 Israeli musicians every bellydancer should know

Belly dancers are always in a pursuit for that perfect song. Here are some great Israeli musicians you should add to your list. 1. Orphaned Land An Israeli progressive metal band, formed in 1991, that combines Jewish and Arabian influences. Orphaned Land has just released their fifth album, entitled All is One. 2. Yair Dalal Yair Dalal is […]

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Interview: Kristine Adams

The person who inspired me most to go on my dance trip was Kristine Adams, FatChanceBellyDance® troupe member, instructor, and world traveler. When I first watched her (sort of…) press conference, I realized I was feeling envious, and it made me think. That was the beginning of this crazy and fun journey. So I thought I […]

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folk dance in India

Gharba Folk Dance at Diu, India

Style: Gharba (Folk dance from the state of Gujarat, India) | When: August 28, 2013 | Where: Diu, India | Format: spontaneous… | Instructor: Random guy in the street   After Mumbai I went to Diu City in the state of Gujarat, India. There were just a few foreign tourists in Diu. It was funny to be stared at by beautiful women with […]

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My first dance class in India

(I’m publishing this post using Email, I hope it works…) After landing in India, Iv’e spent 5 days in Mumbai. It was only the day before I left, that I finally found a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Ila Dalal. She has so much knowledge and was happy to share it with me. I asked to learn […]

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