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Archive | June, 2013

3 israeli dancers

3 Israeli dancers to be inspired by

These three dancers were chosen because of their unique styles and the way they opened my mind, through their performances and classes. To me they are a constant reminder, that even though the dance we dance is based on an ancient tradition, it is still possible to do your own thing. Nataly Dvir Nataly was the […]

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The myth of originality (Creativity series, part 1)

Did you ever find yourself paralyzed by the pressure of creating works that are 100% original? It happens to me a ALL THE TIME. So many great ideas I’ve pushed aside, just because I found out that someone else had an idea with a small resemblance to mine. When searching for a name for this blog, […]

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The woman who didn’t know she changed my life

If someone told me a few years back that one day I will become a belly dancer, I would have laughed so hard. Most of my life I was pretty lazy. Even as a kid I did everything I could to avoid school trips, and the PE teacher didn’t even know my name. By the […]

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