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About this blog

Dancing Across Borders was conceived as a companion to my upcoming trip around the world. This is where I will be gathering all the discoveries from my travels. I hope you will find them useful, fun and inspirational.

What’s the deal with “15 months, 51 dances, one globe”?

I like to learn new things and I love deadlines. I have set myself a goal, to taste and experience at least 51 new dances and movement styles by my 38th birthday (October 14th, 2014), while traveling the world. This challenge will start on July 14, 2013. I hope to learn all these new things, and then pass them on to you. And if you ask yourselves, what will happen after my 38th birthday, then the answer is, hopefully, a new challenge.

Who am I?

I am a tribal & fusion belly dancer, certified yoga instructor, costume designer, graphic designer, animator and a proud SciFi geek. In the last couple of years I have been focusing on my dance. I’ve been studying, teaching and performing with a few of my favorite musicians, including Gogol Bordello. I traveled to US to learn from my most admired dancers, I performed on Tribal Fest and graduated ATS® Teacher training.


I’m super excited about my trip, about this blog and about the upcoming challenge. I’m thrilled that I have an opportunity to combine my two favorite things: dance and travel, two different things that might seem detached but have everything in common: they are both about motion and vitality. they are both about the courage to explore new territories.

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