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Aerial dance for dummies (report #3)

Style: Aerial Harness Dance | When: August 7, 2013 | Where: The streets of Tel Aviv | Format: Self practice

I am fascinated with aerial acrobatics, but I always felt like I’m not strong or flexible  enough. Luckily, a few weeks ago my friend, the talented performer Emily Cage, took me to to an aerial harness workshop. This is a relatively easy aerial activity that even a total beginner can participate. You don’t need to be in shape, and the equipment is inexpensive and easy to find. The workshop taught me the basic technique, but only now I finally found the time to experiment and actually dance in the harness. If you feel like trying it yourself, this is what you need.

This is how it SHOULD look like (I wish it was me, but it’s not):

This is how I looked in the first workshop (though you don’t really have to jump from this high):


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