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Interview: Kristine Adams

The person who inspired me most to go on my dance trip was Kristine Adams, FatChanceBellyDance® troupe member, instructor, and world traveler. When I first watched her (sort of…) press conference, I realized I was feeling envious, and it made me think. That was the beginning of this crazy and fun journey. So I thought I […]

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Aerial dance for dummies (report #3)

Style: Aerial Harness Dance | When: August 7, 2013 | Where: The streets of Tel Aviv | Format: Self practice I am fascinated with aerial acrobatics, but I always felt like I’m not strong or flexible  enough. Luckily, a few weeks ago my friend, the talented performer Emily Cage, took me to to an aerial harness workshop. This is a relatively easy aerial […]

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Got my plane tickets!

I started my dance project while still in Tel Aviv, but now it’s time to take it on the road. I’m flying on Monday, August 19, four weeks from now. First stop: Mumbai, India, for some bollywood classes. So much to see, so much to do, so many dances to dance. While waiting for my journey […]

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Report #2: Gyrokinesis

Style: Gyrokinesis | When: July 15, 2013 | Where: Studio Lotus, Tel Aviv | Format: Ongoing class | Instructor: Boaz Neheissi A little bit about Gyrokinesis Because it was my first Gyrokinesis class, Boaz, the instructor, gave me a short history lecture. Apparently, the method was developed by a Romanian guy named Juliu Horvath during the 80′s (I love everything that comes from the 80′s). In it’s early days […]

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ballet for belly dancers DVD cover

Report #1: Ballet

So I finally started my project! Here is my first report. Style: Ballet | When: July 14, 2013 | Where: My appartment, Tel Aviv | Format: ”Half-private” lesson (only 2 students: my friend Emily Cage & me) | Instructor: Michal Gil My thoughts & conclusions: The reason I chose to take a private lesson was because for some reason you […]

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Why watch live performances?

Asharah wrote a great interesting post, titled: Live! On Stage! (Or, why don’t you stop recording and just watch the show?) It is about how so many people in the crowd are busy in recording the show instead of enjoying it. I’m happy to say that I never used my smartphone to video a performance. […]

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3 israeli dancers

3 Israeli dancers to be inspired by

These three dancers were chosen because of their unique styles and the way they opened my mind, through their performances and classes. To me they are a constant reminder, that even though the dance we dance is based on an ancient tradition, it is still possible to do your own thing. Nataly Dvir Nataly was the […]

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