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Kathak dance class in Varanasi, India

Style: Kathak Dance | When: September 5-7, 2013  (Yes, it was a while back. Sorry for the delay!)  | Where: Varanasi, India | Format: private classes | Instructor: Madhu Last thing I did before leaving India was to take 3 classes of Kathak dance. My instructor, Madhu taught me some basic steps and a short combo called “Salaam”. A piece that was traditionally performed […]

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folk dance in India

Gharba Folk Dance at Diu, India

Style: Gharba (Folk dance from the state of Gujarat, India) | When: August 28, 2013 | Where: Diu, India | Format: spontaneous… | Instructor: Random guy in the street   After Mumbai I went to Diu City in the state of Gujarat, India. There were just a few foreign tourists in Diu. It was funny to be stared at by beautiful women with […]

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My first dance class in India

(I’m publishing this post using Email, I hope it works…) After landing in India, Iv’e spent 5 days in Mumbai. It was only the day before I left, that I finally found a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Ila Dalal. She has so much knowledge and was happy to share it with me. I asked to learn […]

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bellydance flowers, jewelry and makeup

Selling all of my belly dance stuff

It’s 2 weeks before my flight, and I’m spending most of my time getting rid of my dance stuff: costumes, accessories, jewelry, craft supplies, studio mirrors and more. It’s exhausting, but cleansing. I’m sure I will feel much lighter after it’s done. This is how my studio looks like: If you want to buy any […]

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Dancing in zero gravity

Travelling in India almost a year ago, I came across this book: As I mentioned  before, I’m a huge Sci-Fi geek. This book managed to combine 2 of my favorite things: Sci-Fi and dance! It is about dancing in zero G, and was written by an author who was also a dancer. I looked for […]

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Report #2: Gyrokinesis

Style: Gyrokinesis | When: July 15, 2013 | Where: Studio Lotus, Tel Aviv | Format: Ongoing class | Instructor: Boaz Neheissi A little bit about Gyrokinesis Because it was my first Gyrokinesis class, Boaz, the instructor, gave me a short history lecture. Apparently, the method was developed by a Romanian guy named Juliu Horvath during the 80′s (I love everything that comes from the 80′s). In it’s early days […]

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Welcome to my new blog!

I’m glad to officially launch my new blog, Dancing across Borders. Even though this blog is aimed at dancers, performers, and dance enthusiasts, I hope that soon it will also be a home for travelers and digital nomads. I might also write about other topics that I care about, like world music, healthy & tasty food […]

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The myth of originality (Creativity series, part 1)

Did you ever find yourself paralyzed by the pressure of creating works that are 100% original? It happens to me a ALL THE TIME. So many great ideas I’ve pushed aside, just because I found out that someone else had an idea with a small resemblance to mine. When searching for a name for this blog, […]

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