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Gharba Folk Dance at Diu, India

Style: Gharba (Folk dance from the state of Gujarat, India) | When: August 28, 2013 | Where: Diu, India | Format: spontaneous… | Instructor: Random guy in the street

folk dance in India

Photo by Avi Sklut


After Mumbai I went to Diu City in the state of Gujarat, India. There were just a few foreign tourists in Diu. It was funny to be stared at by beautiful women with tattooed necks, shiny clothes and lots of jewelry, as if I am some kind of an exotic bird.
And as always in India, it was festival. This time they celebrated Krishna’s Birthday. Part of the festivities was a traditional Gujarati folk dance, called Gharba, around a lamp. A guy in the crowd taught me some basic steps. At first I hesitated because all the dancers were men. But I was told it is allowed for women, and that the women are just too shy. So I joined the dance and it was quite an experience.

5 Responses to Gharba Folk Dance at Diu, India

  1. Emily Cage September 9, 2013 at 7:08 am #

    you look so happy! i miss you….
    love the backward Yaman steps :)

    • Sharon Mitzy Sheen September 9, 2013 at 7:43 am #

      I miss you more!

  2. Sophia Ravenna September 11, 2013 at 5:25 pm #

    That looks like fun! I’m so excited to follow your dance journey on this blog :)

  3. Lee September 16, 2013 at 4:11 pm #

    So COOL! just you and a crap load of brown guys jumping around. It look sweaty and fun and perfect. Miss you!

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