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Why watch live performances?

Asharah wrote a great interesting post, titled: Live! On Stage! (Or, why don’t you stop recording and just watch the show?) It is about how so many people in the crowd are busy in recording the show instead of enjoying it. I’m happy to say that I never used my smartphone to video a performance. […]

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Welcome to my new blog!

I’m glad to officially launch my new blog, Dancing across Borders. Even though this blog is aimed at dancers, performers, and dance enthusiasts, I hope that soon it will also be a home for travelers and digital nomads. I might also write about other topics that I care about, like world music, healthy & tasty food […]

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3 israeli dancers

3 Israeli dancers to be inspired by

These three dancers were chosen because of their unique styles and the way they opened my mind, through their performances and classes. To me they are a constant reminder, that even though the dance we dance is based on an ancient tradition, it is still possible to do your own thing. Nataly Dvir Nataly was the […]

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