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Report #2: Gyrokinesis

Style: Gyrokinesis | When: July 15, 2013 | Where: Studio Lotus, Tel Aviv | Format: Ongoing class | Instructor: Boaz Neheissi


A little bit about Gyrokinesis
Because it was my first Gyrokinesis class, Boaz, the instructor, gave me a short history lecture. Apparently, the method was developed by a Romanian guy named Juliu Horvath during the 80′s (I love everything that comes from the 80′s). In it’s early days the method was called “Yoga for dancers”. I loved what Boaz said – that dancers are usually perceived as people with high physical awareness, but the reality is quite the opposite – since they usually obey some outer feedback like a choreographer, they don’t really listen to their own bodies and that’s why dance injuries are so common. Gyrokinesis is meant to teach them this awareness.

Gyro Dance:

My thoughts & conclusions:
It felt marvelous. One of those classes that you don’t sweat like crazy, nothing hearts, but still, you feel you’ve done some real work. After years of sadistic yoga classes, Gyrokinesis was very different and refreshing. I think my body became “smarter”. I want more!!!

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Instructor’s corner:

Student, teacher and educator in research of the body and soul processes. Invigerates his students for transformation leading to  inner change. Pilates, gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic teacher, Pilates teacher trainer and host of workshops in Israel.

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